Advanced Modeling and Animation Training

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Game Design and development are targeted towards games that are web, PC, console or mobile-based. At the heart of game development lies Game Programming which has to do with knowing object-oriented computer language, as well as simpler scripting languages. In the AID game programming course emphasis is laid on students developing sound coding practices - how to write good and optimal code, understanding data structures and algorithms.

Once a foundation is laid in coding, students are challenged to re-create classic games for 2D in pure JavaScript withour external libraries or other dependencies. Students them advance into 3D computer graphics and making games using the popular game engine, Unity 3D to create 2D and 3D games and deploy them to the full range of mobile, VR desktop, web, Console and TV platforms.

Key Modules

Fundamentals of Computer Programming Algorithms & Data Structures, Coding 2D games in Javascript, #D for making hadn-held games.

Career Pathways

Game Programmer and Game Developer

Entry Requirements

Standard 10 pass, Plus Two pass, undergraduates or postgraduates from any discipline with a desire to know and practice the basics of 3D modelling using 3DS Max

Entry Procedure

Entrance Test and Interview

Duration: 6 Months

Time: 1hour 30mins Daily

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